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OAPEN provides three platforms for libraries and institutions worldwide dedicated to open access books:

OAPEN relies on support from the stakeholders in scholarly communication to sustain its services. OAPEN has been deemed an essential open science infrastructure by the Global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services (SCOSS). SCOSS encourages the open science community to consider financially supporting OAPEN and its services where possible.

For a detailed overview of our services in the areas of hosting, dissemination, discovery, metadata support & reporting, see our Services page.

We invite academic institutions such as universities, libraries and library consortia to support OAPEN through one of four options listed below.

Download our latest flyer or find out more information on the specific options below.

Supporting OAPEN - four options

Option 1: OAPEN library supporter

OAPEN library supporters contribute to OAPEN and its services with an annual or upfront fixed fee.

Option 2: DOAB & OAPEN combined supporter (recommended by SCOSS)

DOAB and OAPEN are included in SCOSS’s second funding cycle which encourages libraries to pledge support to both DOAB and the OAPEN as the two foundations are closely interlinked and actively support the transition to open access for books. The SCOSS programme aims to provide a strong financial base for DOAB and OAPEN to sustain their open science services.

Option 3: DOAB & OAPEN combined premium supporter

DOAB and OAPEN offer a special package of benefits and services tailored to the needs of your organisation, including additional branding, promotion, training, and support services.

Option 4: Special contribution

A special one-off contribution supporting OAPEN and its services.


Annual contribution level excluding VAT (USD / EUR)OAPEN library supporterCombined supporterCombined premium supporterSpecial contribution
Large organisations from high income countries.$3.075 / €2,500$4.850 / €4,000Upon requestUpon request
Small organisations from high income countries$1.200 / €1,000$2.400 / €2,000Upon requestUpon request
Organisations from low- and middle- income countries; small non-profits; organisations with smaller budgets$600 / €500$1.200 / €1,000Upon requestUpon request
Funding organisationsN/A$9.700 / €8,000Upon requestUpon request
National or regional governments and international organisationsN/A$6.000 / €5000Upon requestUpon request

Definition as to large/small follows local frameworks or may be at the discretion of the institution - get in touch to find out more. A 25% discount can be deducted from the individual contributions made by supporters of consortia of 10 or more participating organisations.


ServicesOAPEN library supporterCombined supporterCombined premium supporterSpecial contribution
Usage reports: COUNTER-conformant usage reports institutional (IP-based) and geolocation (regional) for the OAPEN Library.XXX
Free hosting, distribution and preservation service in the OAPEN Library for affiliated publishing entitiesXXX
Metadata integration. Customised feeds, integrating the metadata of OAPEN and DOAB collections in MARC21 or other formats. Available through knowledge bases, such as Ex Libris Primo, OCLC WorldCat and EBSCO Discovery Service.XXXX
Regular updates on, new features and general developments through email list for supporters.XXX
Acknowledgement of contributors on the platform website(s) and via twitter account(s).XXX
Permission to use logo in marketing activities.XXXX
Have your say. Give input to the continued development of the platform(s) services.XXX
Online training by an OAPEN staff member for your institutional staff and/or your researchers on the OAPEN Open Access Books Toolkit – including a presentation, demo, and a Q&A round, elaborating how this toolkit is relevant to you and your team. X
Presentation or documentation tailored to the needs of your organisation about the benefits of working with DOAB and OAPEN, the services we offer promoting open access books and how this benefits your users, researchers and/or authors. Created in collaboration with your organisation. X
Newsletter announcement & blog post acknowledging your support, and elaborating on open access book developments, your motivations that led you to become involved. X
Visibility through our occasional presentations on DOAB/OAPEN. X

More information

Please contact Niels Stern, stern[@], for further details.