Three platforms for open access books

OAPEN provides three platforms for libraries and institutions worldwide dedicated to open access books:

Libraries have the option to choose which of these platforms they would like to join:

OAPEN is included in SCOSS’ second funding round through which libraries can support both OAPEN & DOAB. Furthermore, the OAPEN Library membership programme allows libraries to exclusively support the OAPEN Library. To learn more about the OAPEN open access books toolkit and how to join we refer you to this page, for the DOAB more information and options to join can be found here.

OAPEN Library

The OAPEN Library is dedicated to the dissemination of open access books, while creating a quality controlled collection of open access books and improving visibility and discoverability of this collection.

Together with libraries, research funders and publishers the OAPEN Foundation is committed to the creation of a quality-controlled collection of Open Access books. Currently, over 12,000 open access books are hosted on the OAPEN Library, accounting for nearly half of all the books in the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB). Providing libraries and their patrons with barrier-free and seamless access to a large collection of Open Access books. To sustain and further develop the OAPEN Library, OAPEN invites libraries and their institutions to become members. OAPEN provides a number of services for its institutional members and has been deemed an essential Open Science infrastructure by the Global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Infrastructures (SCOSS).

OAPEN is included in the second SCOSS funding cycle and promotes its services, seeking to raise global support for the OAPEN Library directly (SCOSS & OAPEN Library Membership) and by working with Knowledge Unlatched (OAPEN Library Membership).