Uploading books and chapters

Publishers who joined OAPEN as a member can upload their books and chapters for inclusion in the OAPEN Library. Uploading publications requires:

  • Metadata
  • Publication files


The metadata can be provided in two formats:

  • Structured textual format, such as this Excel file, in combination with the manual. This type of metadata is optimal for small amounts of titles, ranging from 1 to 50.
  • ONIX 3.0 XML file. Typically, this type of metadata is provided by large publishers or providers such as BiblioVault or CoreSource. This type of metadata is optimized for larger amount of titles, ranging from dozens to hundreds.

OAPEN uses the BIC classification code, which can be downloaded here.

Publication files

The publication files (books and chapters) can be provided in two formats:

  • PDF (all security settings removed)
  • EPUB

Upload procedure

OAPEN provides an online environment to upload the metadata and publication files. The online environment is accessible using login credentials, provided to the publisher. Files can be uploaded directly, or through the platforms of BiblioVault or CoreSource.


For more information contact Ronald Snijder: r.snijder[@]oapen.org

How to add metadata to the OAPEN Library