OAPEN 2020 Stakeholder report

In 2020, the OAPEN Foundation celebrated its 10 year anniversary as an open infrastructure service for open access (OA) books, providing services to publishers, libraries and research funders. The mission of OAPEN to increase discoverability of OA books and to build trust around OA books has been leading us through a challenging year marked by the pandemic.

Today we would like to share our progress through the OAPEN 2020 Stakeholder report in which you can read about our key results and developments, including:

  1. Highlights for 2020 - Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) and OAPEN Library
  2. New initiatives - OAPEN Open Access Books Toolkit and Open Access Books Network (OABN)
  3. Community engagement
  4. Project activities
  5. Governance
  6. Financial Overview
  7. Outlook for 2021

We wish to thank the community for their continued trust, support, and collaboration. Questions and further thoughts can be shared via e-mail: stern[@]oapen.org