Update to metadata feeds (MARC)

Recently, we decided to deprecate the MARC21 feed based on feedback from our users. The file did not fully comply with the MARC-standard as it was encoded in UTF-8 instead of the proprietary MARC21 format. Next to this, the same information (the same MARC fields and subfields) is also provided in our MARCXML feed which will remain active. Furthermore, maintaining both feeds would use up a significant level of resources contributing to the decision to deprecate the MARC21 feed and stick to a quality MARCXML feed. The MARCXML feed complies to all technical standards and this format can be easily converted to other MARC formats in MARCEdit.

All metadata of the OAPEN Library is freely accessible here:

All metadata of DOAB is freely accessible here:

Stakeholders can continue to make use of the metadata feeds via the links provided above, or connect through their preferred partners and systems that index the OAPEN Library and DOAB such as:

  • OCLC
  • EBSCO Discovery Service
  • Ex Libris ALMA
  • Google Scholar, BASE Academic Search Engine, Unpaywall