University of Ottawa Press

Peer review procedure

All academic and scholarly books published by the University of Ottawa Press (UOP) are externally peer reviewed following a single blind process. The process is as follows:

1. Selection of External Reviewers

External, non-biased peer reviewers are chosen by UOP’s editorial team, which may include UOP staff, series editors and editorial board. UOP reviewers are experts in their field of study and have no conflict of interest, as defined by the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences guidelines. Reviewers are asked to confirm that there is no other conflict of interest and that they are not directly involved with the manuscript.

2. Peer Review

The series editor and authors are informed that the manuscript has been dispatched for peer review and of all approximate deadlines.

UOP requires two positive peer reviews for a manuscript to advance to publication. If UOP receives one negative evaluation and one positive evaluation, the manuscript is sent out to a third reviewer.

Once the manuscript has been reviewed and UOP has received two evaluations that share the same opinion, the anonymous evaluations are sent to the series editor. The series editor shares the evaluations and his/her additional comments with the author and the author is asked to submit a formal letter of response to the evaluations that addresses any changes he/she will make as a result of the evaluations.

If UOP receives two negative evaluations, the project is either refused or the author will be asked to revise and resubmit his/her manuscript.

Peer reviewers receive a $250 voucher for books offered on the UOP website.

3. Revised manuscript

The author revises his/her manuscript according to the peer reviews, and sends a final copy to UOP. In the case of collected works, the book editor must coordinate with contributors to ensure updates are made in a timely manner.