Innsbruck University Press

Peer review procedure

The mission of the innsbruck university press (iup) is to support the goals of the Universität Innsbruck as both a first rate research institution and an urban university by publishing and disseminating research that promotes science and it’s understanding by the public.

We seek to publish innovative research and creative work in a wide range of academic disciplines.

In order to guarantee the scientific quality of our publications, all manuscripts submitted are reviewed by two members of our editorial board. The editorial board examines the scientific quality of the proposed publication, is chaired by the rector and has a representative of each faculty.

Additionally for all publications that are part of our ‘peer reviewed series’ (which is accredited by the Austrian Science Fund FWF) two external reviewers who are recommended by members of the editorial board are asked to submit a review following our guidelines.

Under consideration of the reviews the Editorial Board then decides on whether the work should be published. The innsbruck university press – peer reviewed logo therefore certifies that a peer review procedure which corresponds to the international academic standards, has positively evaluated the publication at hand.