Ariadna Ediciones

Peer review procedure

  1. For all books published by Ariadna Ediciones, a proposal will be evaluated on content and on formal aspects. The regular procedure is double-blind peer review.

  2. Once the projects are received, the Editorial committee will determine if they are regarded as relevant and in line with the publishing policy of Ariadna. If so, the proposal will be sent to two field experts from the Scientific Council in no more than five business days.

  3. Field experts will not know the name of the author of the text. The evaluation process will avoid conflicts of interest (economic, institutional, political, labor, cultural) between the parties involved (authors, referees, publishing house). When the authors send the original texts, they can object to the referees. This information will remain under strict confidentiality of the publishing house.

  4. Referees will have eight weeks to communicate their decision to the Editorial committee. The names of the referees will not be disclosed. At the end of the review process, the decision can be: a) the publication of the text is approved; b) the publication of the text is approved provided that the suggestions from the referee report are processed; c) the proposal is rejected.

  5. If the referee report suggests corrections, changes, etc., the author(s) will have 60 days to do this. If they exceed this deadline, the speed of publication will depend on the availability of the Editorial committee.

  6. The fact that a text is approved does not mean it will be published immediately. The Editorial committee has the final say regarding the publication or rejection of a proposal.

  7. Once the final decision is made, the author will be directly notified by email. If the text is going to be published, an estimated date of publication will be communicated.