UCL Press

Peer review procedure

UCL Press publishes all its books as Open Access and is committed to the scholarly peer review of all its titles.

The procedure is as follows:

The original proposal is reviewed at UCL Press’s Editorial Board, which consists of senior academics, senior UCL Library management, and UCL Press representatives. If the proposal qualifies for consideration by UCL Press, the proposal, with chapter abstracts and at least two sample chapters (or the full manuscript if available) is sent for review to two external peer reviewers suggested by members of the Editorial Board, members of UCL Press Board, or senior academics at UCL.

The reviews are presented to the Editorial Board. If they are positive, then the UCL Press Editorial Board will recommend publication. This will be subject to a further review of the full manuscript on delivery, if that was not available at the time of the initial review.

If the reviews are negative, or the reviewers have different opinions, the Editorial Board will discuss how to proceed. The author will be invited to revise the manuscript in light of the comments or to respond to the comments, and the revised manuscript will be reviewed again. In some cases, where the reviewers differ, a third reviewer will be sought.

As thanks for writing a peer UCL Press offers the reviewer a fee of £150.