Open Book Publishers

Peer review procedure

lnitial review: All submissions are first considered by the Managing Editor to determine if they are suitable, consulting ethers, including members of the Editorial Board, as necessary.

Assignment: Having determined suitability, the Managing Director informs the Board of Directors and is responsible for sending the complete, or near-complete, manuscript to at least two recognized experts for review.

Peer review: Referees are asked to consider the following:

  1. overall quality;
  2. originality (its contribution to the field);
  3. academic standards; and
  4. success of synthesis between areas for those submissions purporting to be interdisciplinary.

Referees will recommend one of the following options:

  • accept outright for immediate publication;
  • accept subject to minor modification;
  • accept subject to major modification;
  • reject outright.

Revision: Authors wili be sent anonymised copies of referee comments. Authors are responsible for considering the suggestions and, if they agree, ensuring that necessary amendments are carried out.

Reconsideration: Revised manuscripts may be returned to Referees or may be assessed solely by the Managing Director (having reference to the review and recommendations by the referees).

Recommendation: Based on referee reports and her own assessment, the Managing Director will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors, which has final responsibility for each decision on each submission.