University of Tartu Press

Peer review procedure

Starting 2012, University of Tartu Press (legal name: OÜ Tartu Ülikooli Kirjastus) publishes only peer-reviewed academic books, book series, and academic journals, as well as doctoral dissertations. Before 2012, not all publications were peer-reviewed, although editorial review procedure has existed for most books.

A manuscript that qualifies for publication by University of Tartu Press is reviewed by one or two external peer reviewers. For manuscripts submitted to book series, the reviewers are selected by the Editorial Board of the corresponding series. All series have international Advisory Boards, whose members also qualify as external reviewers.

For monographs published outside series, the review procedure is organized by the Editor-in-Chief of the Press in co-operation with the Publishing Committee of the University of Tartu, using external reviewers.

Series editors themselves do not act as principal reviewers, however in some cases they may act as second reviewers.

Reviewers are paid a small royalty between € 100-150, or offered a selection of books from University of Tartu Press.