Schüren Verlag

Peer review procedure

Requirements for an OA publication, Quality check and peer reviewing process

For publications under an OA license the same criteria apply as for printed publications. The prerequisite is that the planned publication must meet high scientific standards, which is usually demonstrated in the case of dissertations by a good to very good evaluation by two reviewers. However, most of our scientific publications appear in publication series, which are edited by editorial boards, i.e. designated scientists who guarantee the high quality standard of the publications.

For publications outside of these peer-reviewed series, an evaluation by external reviewers is necessary. Schüren Verlag works together with qualified scientists who are able to provide appropriate expert opinions. These reports are prepared without the reviewers knowing the name of the authors. If there are problems or open questions during the review process, Schüren Verlag sends these questions to the author without mentioning the name of the reviewer and asks for feedback. Schüren Verlag manages the process of revision between author and reviewer, at the end of which there should be an agreement. If no agreement is reached, we consult a second reviewer and, depending on his or her assessment, we either reject the project or accept it for publication.

We trust that our authors will submit their own intellectual achievements and mark thoughts, explanations or illustrations taken from others as such. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to check for plagiarism and will do so in case of doubt. Please also check whether acquired reproduction rights for images also apply to a possible ebook or OA edition.