Requirements for book publishers

When selecting a book publisher, we recommend visiting the publisher’s website and looking for the information about their open access services. You can download a short guide on ’Publisher information on open access monographs’, with recommendations about the information publishers should make available on their website.

ERC funded authors seeking to publish in open access or with an option to provide open access to their published work after an embargo period should check whether the chosen publisher supports the ERC OA requirements:

  • Is the publisher willing to publish in open access under a Creative Commons license? (Note that the ERC does not require any specific licence.)
  • Does the publisher allow the author to deposit the work in a repository, at the latest upon publication?
  • Does the publisher allow open access to the self-archived version of the publication within six months (or twelve months for H2020 grants in humanities and social sciences)?

In addition, OAPEN asks publishers to support ERC funded authors by:

  • making the deposit into OAPEN on behalf of authors
  • assisting them concerning the acknowledgement of ERC funding, as specified in the grant agreement
  • allowing Creative Commons licenses for deposited publications