Akademische Verlagsgemeinschaft München (AVM) publishes books in the field of humanities and social sciences with a focus on linguistics and literature. Our publications are committed toa high level of quality, which is why we attach great importance to consistent adherence to recognised academic standards. In order to guarantee this high standard of scientific quality in each individual case, we apply different procedures.

First, all manuscripts are reviewed by a peer editor. Our peer review procedures are carried out exclusively by recognised external scientists in the relevant field (single-blind). The consulted reviewers assess compliance with scientific standards, relevance and relevance to the topic as well as the overall quality of the work. In cases of doubt, a further expert opinion is obtained. The procedure enables the greatest possible transparency for all involved.

In book series, the peer review procedures established by the editors are applied in each case. Our renowned editors or the scientific advisory board decide on inclusion in the series after obtaining external reviews (single-blind or double-blind). All reviewers are experienced scientists.