Aschendorff Verlag

Aschendorff Verlag has been publishing high-quality scientific literature for 300 years. A large number of our series and journals have been published for decades and are highly regarded within the disciplines. Aschendorff Verlag attaches great importance to compliance with the rules of good scientific practice. To this end, publications are subjected to a peer review process prior to publication with regard to their technical and qualitative suitability.

As a matter of principle, the editors of scientific series and journals are renowned scientists. They shape the content structure and orientation of a series. They review and decide - in many cases together with an advisory board - on the inclusion of a title. The entire review process is transparent for all involved. The publisher follows the final vote.

Many publications are dissertations or post-doctoral theses which have already undergone an intensive peer review process. The works intended for publication all have excellent marks. Furthermore, the editors of the publishing house are academically qualified and, where necessary, commission qualified external reviews in order to ensure the high publishing standard of scientific publications in each individual case.