Peer review procedure

All manuscripts undergo vigorous peer review: double-blind by default, as well as more open modes at authors’ discretion.

Manuscripts are first reviewed by the director, to assess scholarly quality and suitability for the press.

Authors that pass this first round of review are consulted about their peer review preferences. The default option is a double-bind review by at least two subject experts. Authors may select from other, more open options:

  • signed review, in which the (two or more) reviewers sign their comments and may continue to consult with authors through the revision process
  • community review, in which a draft version is published, with public, signed comments encouraged and solicited

The review type (double-blind, signed, or community) is indicated in the published book’s front matter, and—in the case of the signed option—reviewers are typically named.

For all review types, authors are responsible for considering suggestions and comments in the revision process. Revised manuscripts may be returned to reviewers or may be assessed solely by the director.