All books published by the University of Chicago Press are peer-reviewed in a manner consistent with the Association of University Presses’ Best Practices for Peer Review. We often review works at an early stage, seeking preliminary readers’ reports on a proposal and sample chapter(s). Works accepted at that stage are again peer-reviewed when the manuscript is complete; in other cases, peer review begins with a completed draft.

We consider peer review fundamental to our mission as a university press and an essential tool for acquisitions editors seeking to develop works of the highest quality and significance. Our editors work with authors to make the best use of reviews and navigate suggestions for revision. Editors present at least two single-blind peer reviews, together with a response from the author, when recommending the work first to our internal editorial committee and then to our faculty board, which must approve all books published by the Press.

We consider many factors when choosing reviewers, including area expertise, balance of interests, and diversity. For books of general interest and some professional books, our editors may enlist peer reviewers from outside the academy. We pay an honorarium to all peer reviewers.