All University of Massachusetts Press titles are peer reviewed to ensure the quality of our publications. We utilize reviewers both within the United States and abroad.

The procedure is as follows:

Manuscripts are first reviewed in-house by Press editors. lf the manuscript aligns with our editorial program and is deemed of high enough quality, the editors send it to two or more outside peer reviewers who are gene rally academies or other professionals in the appropriate field or discipline. These readers conduct a blind review and produce a written peer review guided by the UMass Press review questionnaire.

lf the peer reviewers agree that the title is worth further consideration by UMass Press, the manuscript may be presented to the Press’s Press Committee, members ofwhich are appointed by the University of Massachusetts Amherst Senate, with one member from UMass Boston. The Press Committee must approve all books published by the University of Massachusetts Press.

UMass Press offers the reviewer an honorarium of $150 or a selection of books published by the press.