Stockholm University Press

Peer review procedure

Proposal Review

Stockholm University Press ensures that all book publications are quality checked before publication. Each book proposal submitted to the Press will be sent to a dedicated Editorial Board of experts in the subject area.

The Editorial Board will evaluate the proposal information with a focus on the academic nature of the submission and background of the project, the structure and style of the book and the intended audience.

The Editorial Board will then recommend a book proposal for the Publishing Committee, who makes the final decision about moving forward with the project. An Editorial Board should consist of at least three researchers who are active within an academic field relevant to the content of the proposed book.

Full Manuscript Review

Once a book proposal is approved the process continues with an evaluation of the full manuscript version of the book.The full manuscript will be sent for peer review where two independent and external experts are invited to comment either on the whole book or on chapters in an edited collection.

Reviewers are selected based on their area of expertise. They are asked to follow guidelines for ethical editing, based on recommendations from the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). The press provides the option of open peer review upon request.

The reviewer comments will be assessed by the Editorial Board, who will make a recommendation about accepting, revising or declining the book. Final approval before publication is made by the Publishing Committee, based on recommendations from an Editorial Board.

The Publishing Committee consists of elected members representing the four faculties at Stockholm University.

For more information see our review policies