Tampere University Press

Tampere University Press (TUP) was established in 1994. Initially TUP also published textbooks and general non-fiction books but starting from 2019 we focus solely on original research literature. At present, TUP is a Diamond Open Access publisher.

Peer-review process

Book proposals and manuscripts are first reviewed by the editorial board of Tampere University Press. After originality check and possible revisions, selected full manuscripts are then peer-reviewed by at least two external experts. The peer-review process is either double blind or open with open identities, depending on mutual prior agreement.

The reviewers are at least PhD level researchers or other expert parties, typically senior researchers, adjunct professors, or professors, and independent in relation to the manuscript to be reviewed. TUP editorial staff will conduct a background check.

TUP provides referees with an evaluation form and guidelines on good practices. The duty of the referee is to provide a statement on the manuscript’s quality, novelty, and suitability for publication, and to recommend one of the following options: (1) manuscript is acceptable in its present form; (2) the manuscript requires minor changes; (3) the manuscript is acceptable with substantial revisions; (4) the manuscript is unacceptable and should be rejected. If substantial revisions have been required, the manuscript may be sent out for subsequent rounds of peer-review.

Based on the referees’ reports TUP’s editorial board assess whether the manuscript can be accepted for publication. The final publishing decision is made by the publisher/publishing manager. TUP sends the referees’ feedback to the authors together with the publishing decision, usually accompanied by a list of recommended corrections. Authors are expected to send a revised version and a description of amendments within the agreed time frame.

Tampere University Press keeps an online list of referees who have given permission to publish their names. Our aim is to provide more transparency in the academic publishing process as well as to give credit for the work.

Data and Materials Policy

Having access to research materials and data helps referees in the evaluation of the credibility of research. Tampere University Press has published its own Data and Materials Policy in which access to research data, or at least its metadata, is recommended. Editorial board Tampere University Press editorial board consists of about 8-10 scholars from different disciplines. We aim for diversity: when appointing a new editorial board, we consider the representation of different organizations as well as the career stage and gender distribution of the candidates.

Peer-review label

Tampere University Press has been awarded among the first scholarly publishers in Finland the right to use the certificate for guaranteed peer-reviewed content by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (TSV). The label for peer-reviewed scholarly publications is a trademark registered by TSV, and it is granted on application.

In the implementation and documentation of the peer-review process, TUP is committed to requirements imposed on the use of the label, as well as the peer-review instructions issued by the Finnish Association of Scholarly Publishing and the Responsible conduct of research guidelines published by the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity TENK.