The University of Wales Press

Peer review procedure

UWP books are peer reviewed at both proposal and manuscript stages by a leading authority in the field relating to the proposal.
A reviewer’s brief is sent to the reviewer at both stages. The brief includes a number of questions which must be considered, to be followed by one of three recommendations:

  1. to publish; or
  2. to publish subject to following incorporation of amendments/subject to further consideration; or
  3. not to publish

If a recommendation is made to publish subject to the incorporation of amendments/subject to further consideration, the author is requested to respond the points made by the reviewer to the reviewer’s satisfaction, with the aim of seeking an unequivocal recommendation to publish.

Once an unequivocal recommendation is to hand, the proposal is submitted to UWP’s Editorial Panel, which is made up of established and widely published academics across the HSS subject range for a further recommendation.

Once a recommendation to publish is forthcoming from both the peer reviewer and UWP’s Editorial Panel, the proposal is submitted to UWP’s Executive Meeting for formal approval. If approved, the author is contracted. The contract contains a clause to the effect that ultimate publication of the book will be dependent on an unequivocal recommendation to publish the manuscript based on peer review on submission of the manuscript.

At manuscript stage, the manuscript is sent for peer review to the same reviewer who reviewed the proposal. As contracted, the final decision to publish is dependent upon an unequivocal