OA-Hochschulverlag at HTWK Leipzig

Peer review procedure

OA-HVerlag has established for monographs the following peer review workflow:

  1. Formal check, if the submitted manuscript fulfills the defined criteria by publisher’s desk editor, like formal quality, scientific approach, consistency and completeness.
  2. After approval for further review: Review of the manuscript by desk editor at the publisher.
  3. After approval by desk editor: Plagiarism check of the whole manuscript.
  4. If there is no indication that the manuscript is a plagiarism, it is forwarded to an external expert in the field.
  5. Submission of a peer review report by the external expert.

Final decision:

  • Publication without revision
  • Publication after revision (with minor changes)
  • No publication and rejection
  1. Feedback about final decision to the author.

In case of the publication of graduate works, the quality assessment is provided by the university as defined by faculty. Moreover the quality will be assessed by the publishers by asking the reviewer of the graduate works to submit the report of it and filling out checklists to ensure that the manuscript can be published.

More information: https://oa-hochschulverlag.htwk-leipzig.de/mainnavigation/