Peer review procedure

All Brill publications are peer-reviewed. This guarantees the quality and relevance of our publications. The procedure for books is as follows:

Manuscripts are submitted to the editors of a series or to the Brill acquisitions editor directly.

The editors and/or acquisitions editor make a first selection before a manuscript is sent to 1-3 reviewers – the number depending on the subject of the work.

Every manuscript is peer reviewed, single or double blindly, depending on what is applicable in the field or in the series.

The outcome of the review process is either ‘accepted’, ‘accepted with (minor) revisions’ or ‘rejected’. In all cases, authors will receive the anonymised (summarized) reviewer(s) report(s)

In return for their report, reviewers are rewarded with either a fee or a choice of Brill publications of equal value.

The peer review procedure is coordinated by the publishing assistant under supervision of and in close cooperation with the acquisition editor.