We provide the OAPEN dashboard, based on the COUNTER standard.

The goal of the OAPEN dashboard is to provide COUNTER conformant usage statistics to publishers, funders and libraries. Each of these organisation types has different needs, and the dashboard reflects that. Once the dashboard has been set up for your organisation, it allows the members of your organisation to continuously check and download your usage data. The data is automatically updated monthly. The dashboard has been secured and each organisation receives only one user name and password.

All data is COUNTER conformant and is based on Release 5 of the COUNTER Code of Practice. This provides you with comparable, authoritative, standards-based data. The metric used is Total_Item_Requests.; it counts the total number of views of a full content item, e.g. downloading a PDF.

The usage data is provided by IRUS-UK. As part of the COUNTER processing, IRUS filters out usage by known robots using both the COUNTER robots list and an additional IRUS robots list. Requests to download an item where the mouse is clicked twice within thirty seconds are designated as “double clicks” and only counted as one request.

Learn more in this short OAPEN dashboard demo video.

In addition to the OAPEN dashboard, book analytics are also displayed on each item page using the OPERAS Metrics widget. The two tools provide information on different metrics: the OAPEN Library dashboard counts total item requests, and the OPERAS Metrics widget counts unique item requests. Learn more about the COUNTER standard for counting the use of electronic resources.