The Italian job

OAPEN and Firenze University Press (FUP) have a long history together: FUP was one of the founding presses of the OAPEN project which started in 2008. The OAPEN project - co-funded by the EU - resulted in the launch of the OAPEN Library in 2010, containing many books from FUP.

At present, we are excited to update our collaboration with FUP, resulting in an impressive addition to our collection. We have added the complete catalogue of FUP in the OAPEN Library, now including nearly 2,000 open access books and chapters. Have a look here.

This rich collection is mainly focused on literary studies, linguistics, history, and sociology. It not only contains many books and chapters in Italian, but also in English, French, Spanish and even Japanese and Bashkir.

As an Italian publisher established in 2003 and part of the University of Firenze (with roots tracing back to as early as 1321), it may not come as a surprise that most usage of its open access books comes from Italy itself. However, FUP titles are widely used outside of Italy as well, seeing global readership for its books. Within the last twelve months, FUP books have seen usage in 182 countries, with just over 50% of its readership via the OAPEN Library coming from outside of Italy.

Having the complete catalogue of Firenze University Press available via the OAPEN Library enables readers from all over the world to easily discover all these titles in one place.