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NWO open access requirements: monographs and book chapters

The overview below summarises NWO open access requirements only as they relate to monographs and book chapters. It does not include information regarding other research publications such as journal articles.

Summary of open access requirements:

Scope of policy (content):

All peer-reviewed academic books, book chapters and collected volumes which are the result of or report on research funded partly or in whole by NWO and are primarily aimed at an academic reading audience.

Maximum Embargo:

No embargo for NWO funded publications

Funding availability

Yes. NWO has a dedicated funding scheme for Open Access Books which are the result of research projects funded by NWO.

Licence (gold)

CC BY preferred, other licenses permitted

Self-archiving of author manuscript

Allowed. Any licence.


Deposit in a repository is recommended.

Publications that are funded through NWO’s Open Access Books funding scheme must be made available on the platform of the publisher and have to be deposited also in the OAPEN Library.

Deposit timing and process

If a BPC is paid publishers must deposit the work on behalf of the author immediately upon publication on their website.

Authors may self-archive the author manuscript.

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